If you want to wear a wig over your natural hair and you want it to look as real as possible, you should choose a wig that matches your natural hair texture the best. Unless your head is smaller than average, half wigs will only cover about ¾ of your head, requiring you to leave hair out in the front to be blended in with the wig. If you have naturally curly, kinky, or coily hair, you may find it difficult to blend your highly textured hair in with a straight wig. The only way to blend your hair in with a bone straight wig would be to straighten it, which could lead to heat damage.  Instead of choosing bone straight wigs,  look for wigs that mimic a natural hair texture.


Wigs that have spiral curls, kinky curls, waves, etc will blend in more easily with natural hair. Choose a wig that most closely resembles your own natural hair texture for the best results.


If you prefer to wear a straight wig, select one that has a kinky straight appearance. In other words, a wig that looks similar to blow-dried natural hair.  These wigs will look more natural than a bone straight one, especially since your hair won’t be bone straight at the roots. You can jazz these wigs up by brushing your hair down with your favorite gel and wearing a cute headband or scarf.